Here are 5 great ideas about what you can do with Zedl. Get inspired, get Zedl and go!


  1. Write your loved ones ❤️
    Going on the bus before your girlfriend in the morning? Did you jog past the house of your friend? Leave your loved ones a Zedl and let them know you're thinking about them.


  2. Check what's going on on the platform 🚃
    Are you on the track waiting for your train? Are you bored? Others probably too. Write a Zedl and get in touch with your fellow-sufferers.


  3. Palaver in the lecture 🤓
    During lectures, you should actually pay attention. Sometimes, however, you simply have to exchange some gossip with fellow students. Do not disturb the quiet in the lecture hall, simply write a Zedl.


  4. PT romances 💏
    Talking person to person would certainly be an option. But maybe your love interest is also on Zedl. Just leave a Zedl at the place of your morning rendezvous.


  5. Over and under 🏢
    Do you know your neighbors? Who works in the office above you? Questions about questions. On Zedl you can get in touch - from the ground floor to the roof terrace


Now go out and write your first Zedl! Get the app for iOS & Android.


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