Here are 5 more great ideas about what you can do with Zedl. Get inspired, get Zedl and go!


  1. Treasure Hunt 💰
    Place cryptic Zedl on the map and let your friends participate in your personal treasure hunt.

  2. Local Secrets 🔍
    Do you know about the "secret" 2nd women's bathroom at the Turnhalle in Berne? Do you know when the 50%-stickers in your local supermarket are put on the sandwiches? Let others know, they will thank you.

  3. Animal Rescue 🦊
    Has your cat disappeared? Step 1. Pave over all lanterns in your area with missing cat notes. Step 2. Do the same on Zedl. Our stickers stay longer.

  4. Situational Humor 🎙
    "The humorous confrontation with a present situation by a participant" (wiki) - On Zedl you find parties for your humorous confrontations with all sorts of situations. 

  5. Explorer 🚀
    Too late to discover the world, too early for the universe? The Zedl map still shows some white spots. Be the first and place your zedl in the wide areas of unknown land.


Now go out and write your first Zedl! Get the app for iOS & Android.


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