Zedl FAQ

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Zedl. Found nothing matching? Just write us.

You can download Zedl for free for iOS and Android in the respective app stores. There is unfortunately no Zedl app for Windows Phones.
To use Zedl you do not have to register. You can start writing Zedl immediately after the download. However some functions are only open to you when you have created a profile. For example, with a Zedl profile, you can leave Zedl directly for certain friends and join groups.
You can read every Zedl that is near you. Zedl that are further away are only readable when you get closer to them.
All those who are near your Zedl can read and reply to it. You can also determine who can see and read your Zedl when you’re writing it. That means you can write a Zedl, which is visible to everyone, just your friends or only a single person.
Replying to a Zedl works exactly the same as writing a Zedl. Once you're close enough, you can answer.
The Zedl map can sometimes be quite full. Therefore, you can always specify which Zedl you want to see. You can only display your own ones, those written by friends or all the Zedl in your area.
Yes you can! If you encounter a Zedl that you like, you can share it on all social networks. You can also save the Zedl on your smartphone or send it in an email.
Love is the Zedl App’s point system. You earn Love for many things. For example, you get points for writing Zedl, but also if you create a profile or add a new friend. You lose Love when people are down voting your Zedl. You can see your current point at any time in the Zedl-Menu.
Problems with the app?
If you log in with your profile your data should all be available again. If something does not work, please write to us, we look at what we can do to help you.
Check whether you have activated the GPS on your mobile phone and whether you have given Zedl permission to access your GPS data.
You can also see Zedl in the Zedl app, which are outside your reading-range. To read these Zedl, you have to get closer to them.
Problems with other users?
Behavior that violates our guidelines is not tolerated on Zedl. Please inform us in cases of bullying / insults / discrimination by reporting the corresponding Zedl. We delete the Zedl and, if necessary, take legal action against the author.
Please inform us about Zedl, that indicate criminal actions. We will then take the necessary legal steps and report to the police.
Please report Zedl with unwanted advertising or spam. We will block the author and remove the advertisement.

Do you have any additional questions? Write us, we will be glad to help you.