Zedl Guidelines

We want Zedl to be a place where everyone can have fun. That's why we have set up some rules. If you are not sure whether to do or leave something, check the guidelines first.

A Zedl can be read by many people, therefore it is important to protect your personal data and that of others. You may not publish any personal data of yourself or any third party. This includes, for example, your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address.
Zedl is supposed to be a place where a friendly and considerate attitude prevails. We are not always in agreement with the opinions of others. Nevertheless, we must try to treat each other in a respectful way. You cannot publish any insulting statements on Zedl or threaten anyone.
Zedl shows the world on a map and allows you to interact with others in your environment. Just like in the real world, Zedl has people from all parts of the world, there are different sexes, there are older and younger people, there are thicker and thinner people. Everyone is welcome at Zedl and this also means that everyone here can act freely from prejudices and discriminatory statements. You may not publish any discriminatory statements on Zedl. These include discrimination on the basis of nationality, sex, religion, age and physical characteristics.
You can flirt on Zedl and we are happy when people get closer together with our app. However, there is a red line regarding sexual content, which cannot be exceeded in public. You are not allowed to post pornography on Zedl. Furthermore, the depiction of nudity and sexual acts is generally prohibited.
Zedl is a peaceful platform and we do not want to have anything to do with violence. You may not publish any representations of acts of violence on Zedl and in no way, call into acts of violence.
Zedl is meant to talk about all kinds of topics - a billboard in the digital world. Advertising can make consuming content quickly tedious. Therefore, unauthorized advertising on Zedl is forbidden. You are not allowed to publish any unauthorized ads on Zedl.
One zedl is usually enough. If you write an interesting Zedl, it will be noticed. Believe us. Publishing the same Zedl everywhere is tedious and annoying for everyone else. You may not repeat the same Zedl and publish it in high frequency.
Zedl is not a legal vacuum. The same laws apply here as everywhere else. The planning or execution of any criminal acts by means of the Zedl platform is prohibited and will be reported to the authorities immediately.
If you do not follow these Guidelines, you will be blocked without warning. No correspondence is made about the decision of a blocking.
Behaviour which violates the law will be immediately reported to the authorities.

Do you have any additional questions? Write us, we will be glad to help you.