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Zedl Strips

What can you do on the Zedl app? There are many answers to this question. So you do not have to read a boring list, we&#..

Buy the Bear

Do you like the Zedl bear? Would you like to wear it on your chest or cuddle comfortably with it in the evening? You can..

Beta à gogo

The closed Beta of the Zedl app comes to an end  after two weeks running time.. but not quite. While we are busy workin..
Zedl App Q&A

Q & A

You have questions – we have answers. When does Zedl finally appear? Zedl is coming soon. We are currently in the ..
Zedl Like & Lah Ssy

Like & Lah Ssy

If you have read a Zedl, you can simply swipe it to the left or right to go to the next one or go back to the map. If yo..
Zedl App Love


Love is the point system of Zedl. You’ll know similar features from other apps under names like Karma, Likes, Leve..
Zedl News Beta

Zedl Beta

The Zedl app goes into the beta phase. From the 10th of July, the first users can load Zedl on their mobile phone and st..
Zedl News Twitter

Zedl on Twitter

We have a Twitter account! Follow us and get the latest news from the world of Zedl. Updates, new features, top zedl and..